Edmonton, Canada – November 10, 2016 – Local Waste Services Corp. a newly formed Edmonton based company has acquired a controlling interest in Black Cat Disposal Inc., which is now being operated as Local Waste Services (Edmonton) Inc.



The new start-up will deploy a national growth model, unique to the industry, which allows a local owner to participate in the ownership of the business, yet leverage a national brand and access to capital, while maintaining a commitment to the most modern technology, processes and culture.

Beyond the controlling investment by Local Waste Services Corp., the Local Waste (Edmonton) ownership group includes Black Cat founders, Chris & Kim Gadbois, and Don Moroz (long-standing construction industry leader).

Local Waste Services Corp. the parent company, is controlled and founded by Chris LaBossiere, and includes equity investment by Don Riep, Greg Kureluk and Maggnum Ventures, an investment company ran by President Matt Grieve, for the Grieve family, successful investors in construction, real estate and other entities.

Chris LaBossiere states, “I have 16 years experience as an executive in the solid waste, recycling and landfill industry working for three different fast-growth public companies. Big companies do so much well, yet they centralize what should often stay local. Since leaving the industry, I have always wanted to improve on this model. Local ownership is critical to the success of a service-oriented business, and especially important in this industry – however, often, independent companies are unable to access growth capital, a recognizable brand and centralized professional management to address needs in technology, maintenance and operating processes”.

LaBossiere adds, “The shift towards buying local, is a real and meaningful one. We want our profits to stay in the communities we serve, we want our owners to be part of those communities, we buy local and yet we see the value in standardized processes and a brand that can be trusted nation-wide.”

Local Waste will focus on growing the Edmonton market under this new transaction, however is looking for partners in other communities across the country. Independents or groups that see the value in the Local Waste model are encouraged to reach-out to Mr. LaBossiere to discuss partnership possibilities. Equity investments up to 90% are being considered in major and secondary markets across the country.

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