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Construction, commercial & residential waste & recycle collection.

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Edmonton and Regina solid waste services

We offer safe, timely and professional commercial and municipal solid waste collection, recycling and corrugated cardboard bin pickup, construction container rentals and landfill service

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Business & Commerical

Our solid waste removal solutions are diverse and are always centered around our commitment to impeccable service.

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Construction & Demolition

Our construction and demolition dry waste removal services are diverse and are always centered around safety, timeliness, jobsite professionalism.

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Multi-family & Curbside

A combined 40+ years of experience in servicing multi-million dollar curbside and multi-family waste and recycle contracts.

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Serving oilfield and industrial clients in southern Saskatchewan since 2002.

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Part of your neighbourhood

Local Waste embraces a partnership driven business model by investing in locally owned and operated collection companies in and around Edmonton, AB and Regina, SK. Local waste owners live, work and raise their families in the markets their waste company service.

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Local waste management, garbage and recycling bin rentals, compactors and waste collection and disposal in Edmonton, AB and Regina, SK

Local Waste In The News

Local Waste is making waves in a sector that is dominated by multinational players. Our size has allowed us to do better in the waste management space. Instead of sending all materials straight to landfill, we’re sorting and diverting materials and extracting value from them.

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