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Solid waste & recycle

Our solid waste removal solutions are diverse and are always centered around our commitment to impeccable service. Flexibility, safety, cleanliness and professionalism are the foundation of our Local Waste Service Guarantee.

Caring for your property like it is our own, cleaning up around a bin after pickup, locking the bin every time, dropping the bin in just the right spot and always closing enclosure gates securely are the key elements to our fanatical commitment to providing exceptional service.

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Local Waste garbage and recycling bin rentals in Edmonton and Regina.

Solid waste & cardboard recycling

Edmonton, Regina & surrounding areas

Local Waste can provide a wide range of bin configurations and sizes for:



Grocery stores

Retail stores



Shopping malls

Office buildings

Solid waste & recycle container options

Questions about our bins? Looking to request a quote on one of our bin sizes? Give us a call in Edmonton at (780) 242-9746 or in Regina at (306) 522-6666

Front load bins

3, 4, 6, 8, Yard Container

Roll off bin

10, 20, 30, 40 Yard Container

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Compactors sold

Local waste can service and if required, provide both self-contained and breakaway compactor units.

Self-contained compactors are a great option for grocery stores and other commercial retailers who want to reduce hauling costs. As well, liquid tight containers prevent odor and leakage as it related to perishable food products and other liquid waste. Break away compactors are terrific option for big box stores to reduce hauling costs and maximize the amount of cardboard being recycled.

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Construction and demolition waste recycling

In Regina Local Waste offers construction and demolition waste recycling, including:

  • concrete
  • wood
  • asphalt shingles
  • heavy plastics
  • metal
Local Waste Self Contained Compactor

What our customers say

“I used Local Waste Services over a period of 6 months during my home renovation project. They provided excellent customer service, and were always efficient and professional picking up and dropping off additional bins. Highly recommend their services.”


“We use this company for our general debris removal through work. Their bin stays in our yard for our staff to use daily. Their staff are very friendly, professional and prompt. When we ask for our bin to be dumped and returned, we usually get service same or next-day.”


“We use Local Waste services for our garbage collection and if we needed any “extra” servicing or slight change to pick up schedules, they were very responsive.  I highly recommend the service.  It is local!!!”