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Dry waste collection

Our construction and demolition waste removal services are diverse and are always centered around our commitment to impeccable service. Flexibility, safety, cleanliness and professionalism are the foundation of our Local Waste Service Guarantee.

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Safety, timeliness, flexibility and jobsite professionalism are the core elements of our Local Waste Service Guarantee.

Our drivers understand that safety if your first priority on your job site and they understand that if the construction waste bins stop moving so does your entire job site. We are fanatical about timeliness and will work around your job site schedule to ensure that the removal of construction and demolition debris aligns with your jobsite timelines and project commitments.

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What our customers say

“I used Local Waste Services over a period of 6 months during my home renovation project. They provided excellent customer service, and were always efficient and professional picking up and dropping off additional bins. Highly recommend their services.”


“We use this company for our general debris removal through work. Their bin stays in our yard for our staff to use daily. Their staff are very friendly, professional and prompt. When we ask for our bin to be dumped and returned, we usually get service same or next-day.”


“We use Local Waste services for our garbage collection and if we needed any “extra” servicing or slight change to pick up schedules, they were very responsive.  I highly recommend the service.  It is local!!!”


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