Multi-family & curbside waste services

Municipal service

Local Waste believes in fostering positive relationships with the communities and municipalities it serves.

With a combined 40+ years of experience by the founders of Local Waste servicing multi-million dollar curbside and multi-family waste and recycle contracts, Local Waste is actively looking for opportunities to bid on municipal collection contracts.

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If your municipality would like more information on Local Waste or would like Local Waste to participate in an waste collection, recycle collection or landfill related RFP please get in touch with us.

What our customers say

“I used Local Waste Services over a period of 6 months during my home renovation project. They provided excellent customer service, and were always efficient and professional picking up and dropping off additional bins. Highly recommend their services.”


“We use this company for our general debris removal through work. Their bin stays in our yard for our staff to use daily. Their staff are very friendly, professional and prompt. When we ask for our bin to be dumped and returned, we usually get service same or next-day.”


“We use Local Waste services for our garbage collection and if we needed any “extra” servicing or slight change to pick up schedules, they were very responsive.  I highly recommend the service.  It is local!!!”